Part A: (30 marks)
  1. Uniqueness
    • Is this something that has been done many times, or is this a unique inquiry?
    • Does the project show creative ability and originality in the questions asked?
    • Does this project constitute advancement in the scientific field involved?
  2. Usefulness - Does the research address a meaningful problem/opportunity/issue?
  3. Results-orientation
    • Has the research model promoted an efficient and reliable method for solving the problem?
    • Does the research support an investigation and help answer the question in an original way?
    • Does the research provide a meaningful solution to the problem?
      • Is the solution workable ? Acceptable to the potential user? Economically feasible ?
      • Does the solution have broad based applicability ?
      • Has the solution been tested for performance under the conditions of use ?
      • Could the solution be utilized successfully in design or construction of an end product?
      • Is the solution a significant improvement over previous alternatives ?
Part B : (30 marks)
  1. Scientific Thought / Engineering Goals / Methods
    • Was there a procedural plan for obtaining the solution ?
    • Are the variables clearly recognized and defined ?
    • Are there adequate data to support the conclusions ?
    • Is the objective relevant to the potential user's needs ?
    • Does the solution show uniqueness or originality of thought ?
Part C: (15 marks)
  1. Thoroughness
    • How completely was the problem covered ?
    • Are the conclusions tested for validity and/or consistency?
    • Is there room for further work, and if so, does the researcher recognize this ?
Part D : (15 marks)
  1. Clarity of Presentation
    • Effort- informative and attractive presentation (visual & oral) / technical component.
    • Knowledge about the invention/ innovation scientific thought & engineering goal ?
Part E : (10 marks)
  1. Impact Factor or/and Impact on Society
    • Size of Market for the potential product/technology/services
      • Worldwide
      • Malaysia
      • Asia
    • Probable Cost Reduction - impact on the organization/system/cost of production or services. e.g. imports how much the country can benefit?
    • Improvement of Quality/ Quantity - for existing technology/product/ services.
    • Types of Intellectual Property (IP)/Intellectual assets
      • Know-how
      • Patents
      • Copyright
      • Industrial Design
      • Trademark
      • Plan Variety
      • Traditional Knowledge
      • Integrated Circuit
      • Geographical Indication