Invention, Research and Innovation Exhibition (PRPI) 2016

15-16 November 2016
(Tuesday and Wednesday)


Dewan Besar, PKKSSAAS
Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 Universiti Putra Malaysia,
Serdang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation) UPM

Administrative Division, Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation) UPM
Targeted Visitors
The industry, investors, grant sponsors, school students/matriculation students/colleges, media, higher education institutions / research institutions, government agencies and the public.
Number of technologies
200 technologies from different fields of study

Universiti Putra Malaysia has successfully organized exhibition and research invention competition to researcher in UPM almost every year since year 1997. A total of 400-500 researchers joining this exhibition each year. This exhibition later known as the Invention, Research and Innovation Exhibition (PRPI) in year 2005.

The organisation of the Invention, Research and Innovation Exhibition (PRPI) is a platform to exhibit research findings and innovation of UPM in creating opportunities for marketing nd networking to industries/grant donors/the public. At the same time, it acts as a benchmark for the quality of research projects in order to qualify UPM researchers in participating in higher level exhibitions. PRPI is among the oldest exhibition competition organised by any local universities in Malaysia and has set an example for research based exhibition competition.

The judging session of PRPI is conducted together with experts from various public and private higher learning institutions, research institutions and industries in their respective fields in Malaysia.
  1. To exhibitit quality and high impact research, innovation and invention output in various fields of study in UPM starting at the fundamental stage.
  2. To identify potential research findings to be put forward at national level subsequently leading to commercialisation.
  3. To acknowledge the contribution of UPM researchers in conducting research, innovation and invention activities.
  4. To provide support and encouragement to new researchers in persisting with the university’s research excellence performance.
  1. Agriculture and Food (Pertanian dan Makanan)
  2. Applied Sciences and Engineering (Sains Gunaan dan Kejuruteraan)
  3. Biosystems and Biotechnology (Biosistem dan Bioteknologi)
  4. Business, Economics and Governance (Perniagaan, Ekonomi dan Gavernan)
  5. Environment and Energy (Alam Sekitar dan Tenaga)
  6. Forestry and Biodiversity (Perhutanan dan Biodivesiti)
  7. Humanities and Nation Building (Kemanusiaan dan Pembangunan Nusa Bangsa)
  8. Halal Sciences and Management (Sains Halal dan Pengurusan)
  9. Health & Well Being (Kesihatan dan Kesejahteraan Hidup)
  10. Mathematical Sciences and ICT (Sains Matematik, Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi)
  11. Materials Science and Technology (Sains dan Teknologi Bahan)